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Build coding literacy and physical computing skills.
Coding and
Robotics in education

Build 21st-century skills and STEAM principles into your curriculum with robotics kits for the classroom.

Students of all learning levels will be ecouraged to think critically and build the confidence needed to solve complex problems in the real world.

Curriculum & Lesson plans

InkSmith coding & robotics products include access to comprehensive online curriculum and lesson plans.

We believe teaching coding and robotics should be tied to purpose-driven learning. Our team of experienced educators have designed engaging, interactive content to accompany coding & robotics lessons in the classroom, including curriculum tied to real-world scenarios like climate action and the UN sustainable development goals.

Block-based coding

Microsoft MakeCode is a user-friendly browser-based coding platform that doesn't require a login.

It's easy for students to program with block-based and JavaScript coding languages.

coding kits for kids
robotics kits for kids
robotics in education
Designed for
Purpose-Driven Learning

InkSmith believes that learning in the classroom should be connected to the real world. Using United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the Climate Action Kit is specifically designed to connect learning to greater global issues.

Digital Skills

The BBC micro:bit allows students to program with block-based and JavaScript coding languages while interacting with their programs using a physical microprocessor.

When paired with accessories like the k8 Robot or Climate Action Kit, students have access to endless possibilities and activities to build digital coding skills.

Built for
Inclusive Hands-on Learning

The k8 Robot and Climate Action Kit are specifically design to be approachable, inclusive coding and robotics solutions.

Regardless of your skill level, background, gender, or experience, the InkSmith micro:bit robotics accessories create an inclusive hands-on learning experience for everyone.

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Integrating new technology into the classroom can be complicated - but it doesn't have to be. We include everything you need to get started, including curriculum, support, and resources.

The InkSmith robotics kits have been designed and tested for Canadian classrooms.

With hands-on and experiential learning opportunities, students build valuable digital skills.

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The InkSmith Tech Support team is here to support all your robotics kit troubleshooting.

With warranty packages available, our tech support team will set you up for success in your school or classroom.

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With the micro:bit and MakeCode, you'll have access to a the number 1 browser-based coding platform.

With dozens of projects and lesson plans, you'll be inspired with how to incorporate robotics into a variety of different subjects.

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