Enhancing Curriculum Within


Helping build cohesive, consistent education plans across grades.

Inclusive Experiential Learning Opportunities Across All Grade Levels

InkSmith helps increase learning outcomes across grades by working with educators to build purpose-driven learning experiences using hands-on STEM technology.

The technology we provide is used in schools across multiple grade levels and classrooms to create a continuum of learning around the development of STEM and digital skills. This cohesive approach enables students to achieve greater success due to a stronger foundation of prior learning.

Our work in schools

Curriculum Alignment

As more future-focused skills like coding and robotics are added to curriculum, many educators are struggling to integrate them.

We help schools align their curriculum with 21st-century technology and digital skills while providing support for educators to improve their STEM competencies.

Integrated Approach

We help create a cohesive plan to ensure consistency in future-focused learning topics as students progress through each grade.

This scaffolded learning environment helps students progress naturally through each level, building on their experience each year.

Budget Optimization

We help schools and teachers maximize their budgets by helping plan for sharing technology across classrooms and subjects.

Using this approach, more students gain exposure to experiential learning opportunities without straining individual budgets.

Skill and Grade-based
Content Progression

Our online learning platform allows educators to tailor their lesson plans to the specific grade, skill, or experience level of their class.

As students progress through each grade, they'll be able to take on appropriate challenges and engage in more self-directed learning.

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We work at an individual classroom level to support educators in teaching future-focused skills.

Our Universal Design for Learning approach creates a scaffold for students of all levels and learning styles to learn valuable 21st-century skills and thinking frameworks.

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School Boards

We help school boards implement comprehensive experiential learning programs across the board.

Our innovative programs are customized for a tailored learning experience which meets curriculum standards and help achieve their goals.

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