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WHY Laser Cutters?

CO2 Laser Cutters are the ultimate prototyping and makerspace tool. Cut, engrave, and etch on a varity of materials including wood, acrylic, leather, jean and more!

With a Class 2 safety rating, the Mako CO2 Laser Cutter is the ideal choice for any makerspace or tech shop in your school.


    With laser cutting, students have to be strategic and planful for everything they create. From conception to actually laser cutting, critical thinking and problem solving are crucial.


    Laser cutting can be used for pretty much any project or application you can imagine. Cut, engrave, and etch on birch, plywood, acrylic, leather, jean, and much more.

    For free laser cutting downloads and inspiration, click here.

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    With extended warranty packages available, our tech support team will set you up for success in your school or classroom.

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