Mission on the Moon

Mission on the Moon is a collaborative project between InkSmith and the Faculty of Education at Wilfrid Laurier University. Funded in part by the Canadian Space Agency, the project aims to deliver lunar rover and space-themed STEM programming for Canadian youth in grades 6 to 9.

Launching in September 2022

What is it?
Free Online Educational Programming

Mission on the Moon will consist of 6 free online courses for youth in grades 6 to 9. Each course will introduce youth to a different space-theme concept and conclude with them coding a program to achieve a specific lunar rover mission.

Online modules will be adaptable for delivery in the classroom or independent study. Each course will include specific curriculum connections and educator support material for teachers.

Your Lunar Rover
Meet k8!

In real life, k8 is InkSmith's educational micro:bit robot for introducing youth to coding.

For Mission on the Moon, k8 will act as the lunar rover on the moon for all of the program's courses.

If you have a micro:bit and k8 robot, you'll be able to perform all of the missions in real life by programming your robot to complete specific tasks.

The Mission on the Moon content is also adaptable for delivery without physical hardware. Students will be able to complete their missions in a virtual coding environment.

Program Development Timeline

Mission on the Moon programming is developed by InkSmith in collaboration with the Faculty of Education at Wilfrid Laurier University. The Mission on the Moon project consists of three phases: content & activity development, online delivery, and in-class delivery.

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Content & Activity Design

Working with the Faculty of Education students at Laurier, InkSmith will develop 6 space-themed modules. Each module will consist of Part A: Background & Context and Part B: Physical Computing.

Currently in Development

Online Delivery

Once development is complete, InkSmith will publish the 6 Mission on the Moon courses online. These courses will be completely free to access for youth, parents, and educators across Canada.

Anticipated Release Date: September 2022

In-Class Delivery

Through their partnership with the Faculty of Education, InkSmith will work with Bachelor and Master of Education students to deliver professional learning sessions and Mission on the Moon workshops in classrooms as part of the student practicum placements.

Beginning in Fall 2022

Purpose-Driven Learning

InkSmith is incredibly excited to release the Mission on the Moon programming as it presents an amazing way to empower purpose-driven learning for youth across Canada.

Not only will students develop valuable digital, program-solving, and coding skills, they'll be connecting their learning to real-world activities - like Canada's involvement in space and the Lunar Gateway.

Approachable, engaging learning for all.

InkSmith aims to make all Mission on the Moon content accessible and approachable for all - regardless of experience, background, or gender.

InkSmith and the Laurier Faculty of Education have an established relationship with the Laurier Centre for Women in Science, and will continue working together to deliver Mission on the Moon programming with a specific focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

March 1, 2022

Laurier and InkSmith partner for Mission on the Moon program, supported by Canadian Space Agency