Mission sur la Lune
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Mission on the Moon

Mission on the Moon is a collaborative project between InkSmith and Laurier's Faculty of Education. This program is undertaken with the financial support of the Canadian Space Agency, and aims to deliver lunar rover and space-themed STEM programming for Canadian youth in grades 6 to 9.


What is it?
Free Coding Lessons

Mission on the Moon is a bundle of free online space-themed coding and robotics courses for students in grades 6 to 9.  

This program is designed to spark interest in space and introduce Canadian students to coding, robotics and STEM competencies in an engaging and accessible way.

Educator Guide Course INCluded

The Mission on the Moon course bundle also includes our comprehensive educator resources, including curriculum connections*, teacher guides, and presentation slides.

*Aligned with the new Ontario Science & Technology curriculum.

Our Partners

This project is undertaken with the financial support of the Canadian Space Agency.

Why Enroll?

The Mission on the Moon course bundle is designed to educate students in grades 6 to 9 on the Canadian Space Agency's contributions to space exploration and the Lunar Gateway Project.

Created in alignment with the new Science and Technology curriculum in Ontario, this program will build important digital and coding skills while inspiring Canadian youth to pursue interest in space and STEM-related fields.

Educators gain access to a comprehensive library of educational resources and classroom-ready lesson materials. Students receive accessible and approachable learning opportunities regardless of experience and socioeconomic background.

Help us keep these resources free by filling out a short survey in return for free educational resources.

We acknowledge the support of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) [22STEMCWLU].

Who is this program for?



For students in grades 6 to 9 that are new to coding

Designed for students to asynchronously progress through course modules at their own pace


For educators who are new to teaching coding

Designed to provide classroom-ready delivery materials and support resources to introduce coding and robotics to their students


The slide decks provided were well thought out and instructions were easy to follow for both the instructor and the students. I am someone with limited experience in STEM education and using this program made me excited to teach coding (which is something I thought I would never say!)

Gr. 6 • Ontario

The option to use hardware or do activities virtually is tremendous.

University • British Columbia
Your Lunar Rover
Meet k8!

In real life, k8 is InkSmith's educational micro:bit robot for introducing youth to coding.

For Mission on the Moon, k8 will act as the lunar rover on the moon for all of the program's courses.

The Mission on the Moon content is also adaptable for delivery without the k8 robotics kit. Students will be able to complete their missions in a virtual coding environment.

If you have a micro:bit and k8 robot, you'll be able to enhance the learning experience by completing all of the missions in real life, programming your robot to complete specific tasks. 

Virtual Coding

Virtual Coding courses use online programs Tinkercad and Scratch to complete coding missions.

Physical Coding

Physical Hardware courses use a physical micro:bit and k8 robotics kit with Microsoft Makecode to complete coding missions.

Approachable, engaging learning for all.

InkSmith aims to make all Mission on the Moon content accessible and approachable for all - regardless of experience, background, or gender.

InkSmith and the Laurier Faculty of Education have an established relationship with the Laurier Centre for Women in Science, and will continue working together to deliver Mission on the Moon programming with a specific focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

March 1, 2022

Undertaken with the financial support of the Canadian Space Agency, Mission on the Moon is intended to to encourage the development of coding and STEM skills while fostering an interest in space among Canadian youth.