What is The Coding for Climate Grant?

Coding for Climate is a program designed for school districts seeking innovative approaches to incorporate coding, climate action, and the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals into the classroom curriculum in a meaningful and purposeful way.

The Program

In partnership with Taking It Global, Code to Learn, CanCode and Inksmith's newly established sister company, Forward Education, our goal is to assist district STEM leaders in their efforts to integrate coding into the classroom.

The NEW Climate Action Kit, includes intuitive hardware, 20+ curriculum aligned lesson plans, and step by step coding tutorials ensuring a smooth transition for educators new to coding.

What You'll Receive

Selected candidates will receive:

5 x NEW Forward Education Climate Action Kits

Access to the Online Learning Platform and FREE Lesson Plans

Apply now

If you're interested in bringing the Coding for Climate Grant Program to your School Board/ District, please fill out the application form below.