Promoting Lifelong Learning

About InkSmith

We're driving change at a foundational level.

Who We Are

We are a group of lifelong learners with a collective belief that technology and education can help solve our world's greatest issues.

Our vision of the future relies on educators instilling qualities like empathy and core competencies like design thinking and digital skills in their students.

We're committed to helping bridge the gap between technology and education in the classroom. Our goal is to empower educators and students with the technology and skills they need to become global citizens of the future.

InkSmith strives to

Empower Purpose-Driven Learning

with 21st-century skills in the classroom.

Our Philosophy

We empower educators to engage with and adopt 21st century technology to enhance their pedagogy and provide students with the necessary tools to achieve higher learning thinking skills.

After years of bridging the gap between education and technology, we've evolved to help provide support wherever it's needed in the education space. Our goal is to help today's students become tomorrow's global changemakers - and we believe there are 3 key pillars that drive meaningful purpose-driven learning in the classroom: Pedagogical Principles, 21st Century Technology, and Educator Engagement.

Our Mission

InkSmith's mission is to empower educators and students with the tools and resources they need to build critical digital and problem solving skills for the future.

Our Values

Our values are integrity, empathy, inclusion, and doing the right thing. We believe these values are key to ensuring the leaders of tomorrow will work to make meaningful, positive change in our world.

Our Vision

InkSmith envisions a world where all students are presented with purpose-driven, experiential learning opportunities which provide them with the skills to drive meaningful change in their lives and communities.

Our team

Our team of educators, creators, and technology enthusiasts come from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. Together, we form an incredible team dedicated to driving meaningful change in Canadian classrooms.

Who We Serve


InkSmith works directly with educators to provide hands-on, interactive sessions. We help provide support for educators to introduce their students to coding, robotics, 3D printing, and more.

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We work with schools to provide a clear, focused, and outcome-oriented approach to technology as students progress through each grade. We assist with training, workshops, and other professional learning sessions for educators.

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School Boards

We work at the board level to achieve our combined goal of a more equitable and inclusive learning experience for all. We help ensure direct curriculum connections and learning outcomes for technology.

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How We got here

Beginnings of 3D Printers in Education

InkSmith was founded in 2016 after 3D printing hobbyist, and now InkSmith CEO, Jeremy Hedges, started a small business selling filament for 3D printing. InkSmith quickly grew in the up-and-coming 3D printing hobbyist market as one of the only Canadian resellers of Cubicon 3D printers.

During this time, 3D printers were slowly making their way into the higher education space. Colleges, universities, libraries, and eventually high schools and elementary schools began recognizing the value of future-focused learning skills and implementing 3D printers. As the demand for printers slowly grew, the InkSmith team discovered the lack of support for 3D printing.

Building Curriculum Connections

Despite the growing use of 3D printing in various industries, there was a lack of connection to meaningful learning and curriculum connections in education. In most schools, 3D printers were simply an under-used resource. InkSmith began building out a database of dedicated solutions for 3D printing in the education space to help bridge this gap.

Expanding To Cover The Technology Spectrum

InkSmith's experience with 3D printers shone a light on some other major needs for educators. Recognizing a need for new hands-on learning experiences in the classroom, along with the resources to go along with it, InkSmith introduced an expanded product line which included laser cutters along with coding and robotics technologies.

InkSmith's Current Evolution

As InkSmith shifted with rapidly changing technology and educator needs, another evolution took place. Today, the InkSmith team is on a mission to empower purpose-driven learning in Canadian classrooms through 21st-century skills and competencies. We believe empowering the next generation of students with digital and problem-solving skills will not only prepare them for the future but also help solve the problems of tomorrow like climate change, resource insecurity, and social injustice. As we've done so, we've focused more on how we can provide resources to educators and help them achieve better learning outcomes with more engaged students.

Case Study: The Pandemic Pivot
The Canadian Shield

InkSmith is the parent company of the PPE manufacturer and distributor: The Canadian Shield.

In March 2020, at the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the InkSmith team pivoted their operations to begin producing critical PPE. Just days later, The Canadian Shield was born.

Today, The Canadian Shield is one of the largest PPE manufacturers and distributors of Health Canada Authorized rapid antigen tests in Canada.

Making the Connection:
Design Thinking In Action

At first glance, InkSmith's pivot to manufacturing may appear to be unrelated to InkSmith's work in education technology.

In reality, The Canadian Shield is a perfect real life example and execution of InkSmith's philosophy in education.