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Who We Serve

Helping implement future-focused experiential learning at all levels.

Supporting Canadian Educators

We are a group of lifelong learners with a collective belief that technology and education can help solve our world's greatest issues.

Since our inception, InkSmith has been dedicated to delivering meaningful learning experiences in the classroom through the use of 21st-century technology. Over the years, we've worked with education professionals at all levels, from educators and their students in the classroom, to some of the largest school boards in Canada.

Working at all levels of education:


We work at an individual classroom level to support educators in teaching future-focused skills.

Our Universal Design for Learning approach creates a scaffold for students of all levels and learning styles to learn valuable 21st-century skills and thinking frameworks.

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We help schools build experiential education plans centred in pedagogy, technology, and educator engagement.

Schools benefit from a scaffolded learning ecosystem which students can naturally progress through and build on a foundation of prior learning.

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We help school boards implement comprehensive experiential learning programs across the board.

Our innovative programs are semi-customized for a tailored learning experience which meets curriculum standards and help achieve their goals.

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Our Educational Philosophy

We empower educators to engage with and adopt 21st-century technology to enhance their pedagogy and provide students with the necessary tools to achieve higher learning thinking skills.

After years of bridging the gap between education and technology, we've evolved to help provide support wherever it's needed in the education space. Our goal is to help today's students become tomorrow's global changemakers. We believe that building meaningful purpose-driven learning opportunities happen in all 3 levels of education.

Who We Serve

We help deliver seamlessly integrated, purpose-driven learning with technology for students and educators.

InkSmith offers:

● 21st-century hardware technology with 3D printers, laser cutters, and robotics kits

● Curriculum connections for provincial aligned curriculum requirements

Who We Serve

We help create a cohesive plan to ensure consistency in future-focused learning topics as students progress through each grade.

InkSmith offers:

● School-wide implementation of 21st-century technology hardware

● Technical support, warranties, and replacement parts in order to keep all technology products functioning properly

Who we serve
School Boards

We help school boards build cohesive programming across grades, subjects, and schools.

InkSmith offers:

● Board-wide rollout of 21st-century technology hardware and Professional Learning sessions for educators and staff

● Comprehensive service Level Agreement and extended warranties available for 3D printers and laser cutters across the board

InkSmith strives to

Empower Purpose-Driven Learning

with 21st-century technology in the classroom. Hands-on experiential learning opportunities drive student engagement and learning outcome achievement.

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