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How Student Workshops Enhance Learning

InkSmith offers Student Workshops on a variety of subjects. We can help your students learn more in-depth about specific skills and modalities like 3D printing, robotics and coding, and laser cutters. We also offer broader workshops which are more focused on enhancing student learning. These topics include frameworks such as Design Thinking, Universal Design For Learning, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Student Workshops are a great way to get students involved in engaging, hands-on activities in the classroom. Sessions are available in half or full-day sessions onsite at your school or event.


Technology Skills

• 3D Printing & CAD Design

• Logic-Based Coding

• Laser Cutting & Engraving

• Hands-On Kinetic Learning

Concepts & Frameworks

• Computational Thinking

• Design Thinking

• Universal Design For Learning

• UN Sustainable Development Goals

Fun, Engaging, Hands-On

Experiential Learning

Exposing students to new, interesting challenges in workshop sessions can help keep them engaged and focused.

As they work through hands-on activities and challenges, students will experience the rewards of integrating knowledge through immediate feedback.

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