Teaching with Technology

InkSmith understands that integrating new technology into the classroom is only half of the battle. The other half is using the new technology to engage and inspire students through hands-on STEM-based learning. InkSmith brings the journey full circle by providing curriculum content and education resources to supplement our technology products.

InkSmith aims to make teaching with technology a joy, not a chore for educators. For us, it's not about teaching technology, but rather teaching with technology.

Session Offerings

Student Workshops

Workshops are a great way to introduce students to new technology through engaging, hands-on activities in the classroom.

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Professional Development

Available in half or full day workshops, sessions focus on building teacher capacity and understanding around a variety of STEM topics.

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SPCE Training Sessions

Our experienced facilitators will guide students through a full day hackathon that covers all of the SPCE certificate requirements.

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Curriculum Content

We know that integrating new technology into the classroom is no easy task - that's why we've created curriculum to go with our products! 

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