Experiential Learning experiences with


Supporting Future-Focused Learning Outcomes

Who We Serve


InkSmith works directly with educators to provide hands-on, interactive sessions. We help provide support for educators to introduce their students to coding, robotics, 3D printing, and more.

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We work with schools to provide a clear, focused, and outcome-oriented approach to technology as students progress through each grade. We assist with training, workshops, and other professional learning sessions for educators.

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School Boards

We work at the board level to achieve our combined goal of a more equitable and inclusive learning experience for all. We help ensure direct curriculum connections and learning outcomes for technology.

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Learning with InkSmith

Integrating hands-on STEM-based technology into the classroom helps educators to engage and inspire their students. We aim to make teaching with technology a joy, rather than a chore, for educators – which is why InkSmith provides curriculum content and education resources to supplement our technology products.  

Curriculum & Lesson Plans

Meaningful experiential learning experiences in future-focused topics.

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Student Workshops

Student Workshops are a great way to get students involved in engaging, hands-on activities in the classroom.

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Professional Learning

We help educators learn the skills that help them succeed in their job and increase learning outcomes for their students.

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Education Projects

InkSmith is honoured to work alongside our various education partners on a variety projects and initiatives.

Cancode 3.0

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Mission on the Moon

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