Helping achieve learning outcomes at the

Board Level

Implementing programs to achieve learning outcomes.


InkSmith helps foster a network of educators and schools collaborating with their school boards to create optimal learning environments for their students. Our comprehensive programs are tailored for school boards to enhance learning at every level. Our innovative STEM and experiential learning plans help school boards build cohesive programming across grades, subjects, and schools.

Our work at the school board level

Learning Outcomes

We help school boards implement experiential learning programs to enhance student engagement and learning outcome achievement.

By supporting the short-and long-term goals of our board-level partners, we help foster an enriching, future-focused learning environment.

Curriculum Alignment

As more future-focused skills are added to curriculum, school boards are struggling to ensure adoption at the school and classroom level.

We help build engaging, curriculum-aligned experiential learning plans and work directly with schools to help implement them across the board.

Staff Empowerment

We foster a network of engaged staff members with a clear, cohesive vision for how their future-focused learning plans will be implemented.

We engage and support educators at all levels across the school board to drive adoption and advocacy of your experiential learning plan.

Cohesive, Customized
Learning Plans & Platform

Our experiential learning programs help students develop a foundation of skills and experience to tackle challenges which expand along with them.

Our online platform is filled with curriculum-connected lessons, activities, and presentations to ensure students across your school board are able to learn standardized content at a pace that works for them.

Trusted By

We work with school boards to implement future-focused learning directives in schools and classrooms board-wide.

Our Work In Classrooms

We work at an individual classroom level to support educators in teaching future-focused skills.

Our Universal Design for Learning approach creates a scaffold for students of all levels and learning styles to learn valuable 21st century skills and thinking frameworks.

Classroom Level Engagement

Our Work At The School Level

We help schools build experiential education plans centred in pedagogy, technology, and educator engagement.

Schools benefit from a scaffolded learning ecosystem which students can naturally progress through and build on a foundation of prior learning.

School Level Engagement