Industry-Standard & Classroom-Safe

3D Printers
for Education

Create immersive learning experiences for your students.
Why 3D Printing?

3D printers in the classroom can unlock the unlimited potential of experiential learning for students.

In math, science, history and art, 3D printers provide an engaging, interactive way for students to build critical digital skills while immersing in subject matter.

Plug & Play
3D Printers

The Cubicon Style & Single Plus 3D Printers are plug & play machines perfect for use in the classroom.

Cubicon 3D printers are ideal for classroom use. With a heated print surface and auto-leveling bed, these machines are ideal for quick and easy setup in the classroom.

Both models are equipped with advanced safety features.

What's Included?

With InkSmith 3D printers, you're getting an all-encompassing package designed to set you up for experiential learning success in the classroom.

Designed for Education

InkSmith's 3D Printing system has been designed and tested for Canadian classrooms.

With industry-standard technology and school board-approved safety features, you're getting a safe, future-focused learning system.

Canadian Tech Support

The InkSmith Tech Support team is here to support all your 3D printing troubleshooting.

With extended warranty packages available, our tech support team will set you up for success in your school or classroom.

Curriculum Content

InkSmith 3D printers come with full access to InkSmith's online platform of 3D printing curriculum content.

With dozens of projects and lesson plans, you'll be inspired to incorporate 3D printing into a variety of different subjects.

Why 3D Printing?

Enhance your Learning

Lessons built around 3D printing works for all kinds of learners by creating a tactile way to build understanding and comprehension.

Build Digital Skills

Students will develop future-focused digital skills like design thinking, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and curiosity.

Prepare for the Future

21st century skills like 3D printing and prototyping in the classroom can help prepare your students for their future careers.

Example 3D Printing Lesson

Assistive Devices

Use personas and design thinking to create an assistive device.
Example 3D Printing Lesson

Historical Monuments

Explore far-away places and learn about the history behind them.
Example 3D Printing Lesson

Medieval Catapults

Investigate historical siege engines throughout different historical events and how they developed.
Example 3D Printing Lesson

Braille Alphabet

Learn about Braille as a form of communication and create your name in Braille.

More 3D Printing Projects

Over the years we've been blown away by the creativity of students and educators using 3D printing in the classroom. Here are just a few of our favourite projects.

Technical Specifications

Both the Cubicon Style and Single Plus 3D Printer models are equipped with a range of industry-standard performance features while also providing the advanced safety features for safe operation in the classroom.

Easy to Use
Printing Bed

● Easy setup and use with automatic levelling system

● Ensure your print is setup for success with up to 5 auto-levelling touch-points

● Coated, heated bed provides adhesion and stability while printing, with non-stick, easy removal when complete

● Large print build volume (up to 6" x 6" x 6")

Enclosed & Filtered
Safe For Classroom

● Fully enclosed machine provides protection from heated & moving parts while allowing for effective filtration

● HEPA-13 filter removes 99.97% of airborne particles, activated carbon removes harmful VOCs and Purafil catalyst removes odours from the print chamber

Touch Control Interface

● Simple, intuitive touch controls make it simple to navigate the printer menu and make adjustments

Replaceable Parts

● Easy-to-swap replacement nozzles and air filters make it easy to get up and running again if your printer wears out with continued use.

● Replacement extruders and printing beds are also available for parts which contact filament.

Lesson Plans Included
Curriculum Platform

InkSmith's online learning platform hosts a variety of lesson plans and curriculum content for 3D printing in the classroom.

Access to the platform is included free with every 3D printer purchase.

3D Printing Resources to Explore

If you're new to the world of 3D printing and aren't sure where to get started, here are some resources you can explore to learn more!

3D Printing Guide

Terminology, process, important steps, and tips & tricks for 3D printing.

View PDF Guide

Video Tutorial - Part 1

If you know nothing about 3D printing, this video is a great place to start!

View video

Video Tutorial - Part 2

The second part of our video series explores how to actually 3D print something.

View Video

Cubicon Style Unboxing

This video details exactly how to unbox and setup the Cubicon Style 3D printer.

View Video

Cubicon Single Plus Unboxing

This video details how to unbox and setup the Cubicon Single Plus 3D Printer.

View Video

Slicing Tutorial

If you're more familiar with 3D printing, check out this video tutorial that explains how to prepare your file for printing.

View Tutorial
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