k8 Modular
Robotics Kit

Powered by micro:bit - Starting at $79.99


Our k8 robot is easy and fun to assemble! Follow along with our step-by-step videos.


Use your micro:bit to program your k8 robot. Start with block-based or Javascript coding.


k8's micro:bit edge connector makes it easy to share the robot among classmates.


Meet k8, your modular kit for learning coding and robotics.

The future of the world is built on code. Prepare your students with an introduction to the world of coding and logic. Simple, fun robotics projects will keep your students busy learning. Powered by the BBC micro:bit, K8 is easily shareable among students. 

∙ k8 is easy and fun to assemble

∙ Drive k8 with two independently controlled DC motors

∙ k8 can see and line follow with an Ultrasonic Sensor and three Infrared Sensors

∙ Remote control your k8 robot using Bluetooth


Designed for use in the classroom, k8 is easy and fun to build. Follow along with our step-by-step tutorials to assemble k8 from scratch in less than 30 minutes.


Learning to code has never been easier. k8 is powered by micro:bit and Microsoft MakeCode, a cloud-based software that allows students to start with block coding and work their way up to Javascript. 

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Using micro:bit makes it easy for groups of 3-4 to share the robot and iterate on their own code.

No more tethering to a computer. Take your code straight to k8. 

The Full Package

Integrating new technology into the classroom can be complicated - but it doesn't have to be. We include everything you need to get started, including curriculum, support, and resources.


Learn how to integrate coding into your lesson plans across multiple subjects. Our online curriculum gives you access to dozens of lesson plans.

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Tech Support

Our Canadian technical support team is ready to assist you in any way in order to ensure your robots are running smoothly.

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We want to help you succeed! We have a library of robotics and coding tutorials for both educators and students.

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k8 allowed my students to see a tangible object as a mathematical problem that needed to be decoded, decomposed, and broken down into manageable parts. By doing so, they understood how to analyze, brainstorm and carry out a solution to various given problems that required analytical thinking to find a solution.

Joe Archer, Grade 6 Teacher, Technology Advocate

The k8 robot is a must have in the classroom. It genuinely sparks curiosity with all levels of kids. k8 embodies the design principals and allows students creativity and inspiration to thrive and develop. You cannot go wrong with k8 for your classroom.

Jonathan So, School Board Resource Teacher

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