InkSmith Releases 'Launchpad' 3D Slicing Software

The InkSmith team is excited to introduce the Launchpad Slicing software, available free with all InkSmith 3D printers. Our browser-based software can be accessed at

Anyone who is familiar with 3D printing knows that 'slicing' is a necessary step to complete before you can actually print your model. For those who aren't familiar with the term 'slicing', it simply refers to the process of translating your 3D CAD design into a 'language' the 3D printer can understand. During this step, users can orient, resize, and position their 3D model to ensure the best possible print outcome. 

Most traditional 3D slicing software platforms require a software license and must be downloaded onto the computer. As 3D printing becomes more widespread in education, downloading software platforms with licenses has proven difficult for most elementary and secondary schools. With most schools in Canada using Chromebooks as their primary student computers, downloading software is not an option. This has created a need for cloud-based software that can be easily accessed through an internet browser.

Enter Launchpad. InkSmith, having worked with hundreds of educators over the past couple of years, has become very familiar with the challenges they face when it comes to using software platforms in the classroom. To solve these challenges, our team has developed a cloud-based 3D slicing software specifically designed for the classroom.

The Launchpad 3D slicing software is a web-based platform which can easily be accessed through the browser on a Chromebook or other internet-connected device. The simple, easy-to-use software has all the essential controls you need for slicing 3D printing files without complicated advanced settings.

If you have an InkSmith 3D printer, you can get started using Launchpad by visiting: For help getting started, check out our Launchpad Guide.