InkSmith Launches Orbit 3D Printer

Orbit 3D printer

The InkSmith team is extremely excited to announce the launch of our very first InkSmith brand 3D printer, called the Orbit. The Orbit 3D printer is a lightweight, desktop machine with impressive printing capabilities and a host of safety features. The Orbit retails starting at $1,299.99 and comes packaged with curriculum, slicing software, filament and everything else you need to get started 3D printing. 

Prior to the launch of the Orbit, the InkSmith team set out on a mission to build an affordable 3D printing machine capable of meeting the industry standard for printing quality while also adhering to educational safety requirements. By doing this, InkSmith is now able to offer schools, libraries, and other Makerspaces a safe, affordable machine that fits their 3D printing needs.

The Orbit fills a void in the educational 3D printing market. While many schools and libraries have been able to add 3D printers to their resources, many other schools could not foot the bill for these top-of-the-line machines. With the launch of the Orbit, not only will more schools be able to afford a 3D printer, but schools will be able to add additional printers to their bank. In some cases where the budget has been allocated for only one printer, the school can now afford two Orbit 3D printers instead. Two printers mean double the printing capabilities, thus allowing twice as many students the opportunity to explore 3D printing.  

Alongside the launch of the Orbit 3D printer, InkSmith has introduced new tiered pricing packages for our 3D printers. This new system will have three tiers, 'Standard', 'Plus', and 'Premium'. Each of these tiered packages will vary in price and size depending on the warranty and amount of filament included. This way, schools are able to choose which 3D printer package is right for them.

Just like our other 3D printers, the Orbit will include all the curriculum, training and tech support needed to get you started. Our 3D printing curriculum is hosted on our Teachable Platform, giving educators easy access to a wide variety of lesson plans ranging in subject from math, to history, art, and social science. Our InkSmith team also hosts professional development and training sessions to get everyone up-to-speed on how to use the new 3D printing technology. Just like any other technology, things go wrong. That's why the InkSmith team provides Canadian warranty and tech support to all of our 3D printing customers. 

But wait, there's more!  In order to print on any 3D printer, you must have a 'sliced' .STL file to put into the printer. There are many slicing software out there, but most require a software license for each use. Of course, this makes things very difficult for educators who are students do 3D modeling on Chromebooks. For this reason, the InkSmith team has developed Launchpad, a cloud-based slicing software that comes free with all of our 3D printers. Paired with the WIFI printing capabilities of the Orbit, our cloud-based slicing software allows for a seamless workflow. 

There you have it! From an all-around great 3D printer to education packages and software, the InkSmith Orbit is a great option for schools and libraries alike.

For general questions and inquiries, you can contact our customer success team.  

- The InkSmith Team