InkSmith Adds MERGE to Virtual Reality Product Offerings

With virtual reality becoming increasingly popular and accessible over the past years, many different solutions have made their way to the market. Few, however, have made as big of an impact in classrooms as MERGE. Functioning like a three dimensional QR code, the MERGE Cube uses the smartphone's camera to scan the cube and virtual project an object onto it. Similarly, the MERGE headset works by inserting a smartphone into the headset and loading the device with any range of VR/AR mobile apps and 360˚ videos. 

The MERGE Cube and Headset are amazing tools for students and educators as they require no additional infrastructure to operate and are compatible with almost all smartphones.

To use the Cube, simply open one of the many free AR/VR apps and hold the MERGE Cube in front of the phone's camera. Any number of three-dimensional illustrations can be projected onto the Cube. With endless possibilities, the MERGE Cube can be used to demonstrate everything from scientific models to the solar system and even your own 3D model designs. 

To use the Headset, load any 360˚ video and insert your smartphone into the slot. Using your smartphone gives you access to hundreds of thousands of online 360˚ videos as well as a range of free MERGE VR apps. The comfortable headset allows you to become fully immersed in the 360˚ experience.

The MERGE Cube and Headset can be used together or independently. Either way, all you'll need is a smartphone to start exploring with augmented and virtual reality. 

The MERGE Cube and Headset are perfect for education for a number of reasons. The first reason is that they're built to last. Both the Cube and Headset are made of dense foam, allowing them to stand up against drops and the general wear and tear of the classroom. The headset is equipped with adjustable focusing lenses as well as an adjustable head strap. The headset can also be worn comfortably over glasses.

The next reason MERGE is great for education is its EDU Platform. The EDU Platform gives educators and students access to thousands of educational STEM activities and lesson plans. The EDU Platform, which can be licensed on a classroom, school, or board-wide basis, makes it easy for educators to integrate VR/AR experiences into their curriculum.  

InkSmith is excited to add the MERGE Cube and Headset to our product offerings. For us, it's not about teaching technology, but rather, teaching with technology. MERGE encompasses this idea perfectly by providing simple, easy-to-use tools, that give students the opportunity to explore a whole new way of learning. 

For more information about the Cube and Headset, you can check out the MERGE product page. For inquiries about implementing MERGE VR into your school or classroom please contact the InkSmith team.