VR/AR Headsets and Cubes

Standalone Solution

The standalone VR/AR Headset and Cube can be used together or separately for the ultimate virtual reality experience.

Smartphone Compatible

The MERGE Headset and mobile apps work with a wide range of smartphone devices making it easy to setup and start using.

Educational EDU Platform

The MERGE EDU Platform is packed full of education lesson plans and resources to help integrate VR/AR into the classroom. 


The MERGE headset and cube are the ultimate solutions for creating unique VR and AR experiences in the classroom. The durable headset and cube can be used together or separately and are compatible with most smartphones. 

MERGE Headset

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Active Learning Experiences

Make STEM learning fun and inspire creativity in your students as they explore, design and share virtual objects they can hold in the palm of their hand.


Bring Lesson Plans to LIfe

Use MERGE Cube to teach lessons or create activities for students. With MERGE you can turn 3D models into virtual objects to illustrate complex systems.


Gaming & Learning

Give kids an alternative to mobile games and e-readers by allowing them to create virtual objects, play AR games and explore their world in VR.

Merge in education

MERGE enables active learning by enabling students to learn and create in entirely new ways while giving teachers simple AR/VR tools that increase student engagement, intellectual curiosity and classroom achievement.

At the core is the MERGE Cube - a mixed reality school supply that extends learning beyond the limitations of device screens by giving students the ability to interact with virtual objects.

Learn more about integrating MERGE into your school or classroom at the link below. 

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