What Hour Of Code Is and Why You Should Participate

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What is Hour Of Code?

Hour Of Code is a worldwide movement with the goal of introducing students to their first coding experience. The annual event takes place every December. The week-long event aims to celebrate Computer Science while also demonstrating that learning to code isn't scary! 

The Hour Of Code event consists of 1-hour long activities that introduce students to coding and expands their understand of the subject. Hour Of Code, which is organized by Code.org, is host to a large library of resources and activities that make getting started extremely accessible. 

When is Hour Of Code?

Hour Of Code is happening this year from December 9-15. This date is also Computer Science Education Week. One of the best things about Hour Of Code is that there are sessions hosted all over the world. Check out this map to see the hundreds of different events happening during Hour Of Code week. 

Who can host an Hour Of Code event?

Anyone can host an Hour Of Code event! Whether you're a teacher, parent, or student, you can host your own Hour Of Code event to introduce your students, children, or friends to coding. You can register your event to join the movement on the Hour Of Code website.  

Why host an Hour Of Code event?

Coding is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand skills on the job market today. Not only that, but learning to code teaches highly valuable skills that will be applicable to any job regardless of the industry. These skills include problem-solving, logic, critical thinking, and so many more. 

Obviously not every kid who participates in Hour Of Code is going to become a Computer Programmer or an Engineer. However, these problem-solving and design-thinking skills can be applied in any facet of their life and provide a solid foundation for future learning. 

How to host an event

The Hour of Code website is filled with tons of free and fun coding tutorials. These tutorials are categorized based on grade and topic - making it easy to find an activity for your students. 

For more information about hosting your own Hour Of Code event, we recommend checking out Code.org's 'How-To' post here

Interested in more Hour Of Code ideas?

If you're interested in hearing about more creative activities for Hour Of Code, tune into the micro:bit Do Your :bit webinar on December 13, 12PM EST. The webinar will feature a variety of speakers showcasing different ways you can introduce students to coding. They'll also discuss how you can connect coding with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

For more information on the webinar stay tuned to the @microbit_edu Twitter page for details. 


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