InkSmith Excited to Join the Micro:bit Community

The InkSmith team is excited to announce that we've joined the micro:bit  community as a reseller, training facilitator and developer of the k8 robotics kit!

If we're honest, we've been doing this since last November, but we have some catching up to do in the blogging department... What's really prompted us to get this blog out, is that next Tuesday, April 24th, we're launching our first micro:bit based robotics kit: k8!

Before we give you a sneak peek of k8, check out this blog post on why we chose micro:bit to power our robotics kit! 

Why micro:bit? 

Our goal with creating k8 was to make robotics and coding accessible and equitable to all students. Our robotics lead Pat captured the team's sentiment best: "We believe that every kid should have a shot at learning and doing the things they might be amazing at!" With that in mind, we knew we needed a platform that was easy to use, versatile and shareable. It had to work for a variety of age groups, a variety of skill levels and provide learning opportunities that were both exciting and meaningful. We tested many different options like Arduino and Raspberry Pi, but the micro:bit was a slam dunk for our goals. Here's why!

1. The MakeCode Environment 
With MakeCode's ability to port between block-based coding and JavaScript, we think that the Micro:bit platform is the perfect bridge to get students started with the basics and advancing into more advanced coding skills! Also, MakeCode is completely Cloud Based, so the coding environment runs like a breeze on a Chromebook. 

micro:bit Microsoft MakeCode

2. The micro:bit Packs a Punch! 
Out of the box, it has a huge range of built-in functionality and is compatible with an endless array of motors and sensors. In combination with our k8 robotics kit, creativity



3. It Enables Us To Share
Not to date ourselves, but most of our team grew up at a time when Nintendo 64 was the gaming console of choice. micro:bits edge connector has a similar feel and function to it, allowing students to plug in their code without tethering the robot to their computer. With this feature, it makes it easy for groups of 3 or even 4 to share the use of the robot and iterate on their own code! With a micro:bit Go Pack costing just $23.85 and a k8 robotics kit retailing at $99.99 (micro:bit included), it's an incredibly inexpensive solution for bringing this programming to life in the classroom!

Thanks for reading : ) Now, what you've been waiting for!
Meet k8 
Your modular kit for learning Computational Thinking, coding and robotics!