How to Use an InkSmith Cubicon 3D Printer

how to use a cubicon 3d printer

Getting ready to start printing with your Cubicon 3D Printer? For information on how to prep your model for 3D printing, printing with Cubicon and ways to use your 3D printer for STEAM Education, continue reading.

If you’ve used your 3D Printer before, but have taken an extended break, start by clicking here. To purchase new PLA filament for your 3D printer, click here. 

Unboxing the Cubicon Single Plus

To review the Cubicon Single Plus manual, click here.

Unboxing the Cubicon Style

Stay tuned for an official unboxing video of the new Cubicon Style Plus! To review the Cubicon Style Plus manual, click here.

How Can I Use My Cubicon Printer? 

InkSmith Cubicon 3D Printers, including the Single Plus and Style Plus, have the potential to unlock an unlimited amount of experiential learning opportunities for students. Not only do they provide an engaging way for students to build critical STEAM skills, but they are also incredible tools to make lessons both immersive and interactive.  

STEP 1: Choose Your Model for 3D Printing

There are two main ways that you can incorporate your 3D printer into lesson plans or learning opportunities. These include:

1. Printing an object from an existing 3D Model 

Did you know that there are thousands of existing digital design files that you can download for free online? Websites like Thingiverse are a great place to look if you would like to download and build an existing 3D model with your printer. Whether you are printing 3D shapes to make a geometry lesson come to life or a model of the titanic to make history more engaging, there is a free file on Thingiverse for you! 

2Creating and printing your own 3D Model 

Looking to experiment with creating a 3D model of your own? Tinkercad is one of our favourite free platforms for turning design ideas into CAD models for 3D printing. It’s accessible for students of all ages and is a fantastic way to incorporate hands-on problem solving into the 3D printing process.  

STEP 2: Prepare Your Model for 3D Printing

If you have purchased the Cubicon Single Plus or Cubicon Style Plus for your school, library or makerspace, here are some steps to help you start 3D printing today:

  1. If you have not already done so, download the free "Cubicreator" software to your computer. For a full tutorial on how to use Cubicreator, click here.
  2. If you are a Mac user or are unable to install Cubicreator, use Launchpad3d. For a full tutorial on how to use Launchpad3d, click here.
  3. Open Cubicreator to prepare your model for 3D printing. 
  4. Select "Slice Options".
  5. Click the black bar with your printer's name on it, found on the top left-hand side. Select your print (Single Plus or Style Plus) from the drop-down menu on the right. Once you've found your printer, select "OK".
    1. Select the name and model of the printer. If you are unsure which 3D printer you have, look for the label on the back of the machine that lists the name and model number.
  6. Below the black bar, select the filament dropdown. Select "PLA Plus", or the name of the filament that you are using for your print.
  7. Select your adhesion option or support options. Hit "OK" to save and close your options. 
    1. Adhesion: A raft or brim may need to be added for smaller models.
    2. Supports: Supports may be added for models with overhangs. 
  8. To slice your file, select "Prepare" (the sliced ball, right next to the gear). Wait for the slice to complete.
  9. Save your file by selecting "Save to G-Code" on the top bar. Save file onto a USB stick. 
  10. Once downloaded, you will see your estimated print time.

STEP 3: Print Your 3D Model 

  1. Tap the touchscreen to activate the printer.
  2. For the Cubicon Single Plus, select "Print", "File" then "USB".
  3. For the Cubicon Style Plus, select "File", then "External Memory".
  4. Use the arrows to find your print job and select "Start".
  5. The printer will begin warming up, followed by an automatic levelling cycle. This process may take several minutes.
  6. The build plate will be hot during printing - do not touch this area.
  7. When your model is finished printing and the build plate has cooled to less than 50 degrees celsius, open the plexiglass door.
  8. Peel your model off of the build plate. If you are having trouble removing your print, allow more time for it to cool.  

Congratulations - you have completed your 3D print!  

Running in to any problems with your print? If you’ve purchased your Cubicon machine from InkSmith, click here to submit a ticket to a member of our tech support team. 

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3D Printing in STEAM Education 

Now that you know how to use your 3D printer, you can start unlocking the benefits of using 3D printing technology to introduce STEAM concepts to students. At InkSmith, we design standards-aligned curriculum and lesson plans for meaningful, experiential learning. For course content that can be delivered in in-person, online or hybrid formats, click here. 


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