Webinar: Purpose-Driven Coding with the UN SDGs & the Climate Action Kit

The InkSmith team invites you to join us for an interactive webinar to explore how you can empower purpose-driven coding in your classroom with the UN SDGs and the Climate Action Kit!

When: Tuesday, November 23rd @ 7PM EST

Where: Microsoft Teams 

Register: Click here


Join us as we take you through how to use the Climate Action Kit and micro:bit to explore climate change issues through inquiry, coding, and project-based learning. This webinar will showcase the kit’s learning potential available for students, and provide participants with the hands-on coding experiences and activities so they can immediately take it into their classrooms - whether they're remote, on-site or hybrid.

Whether you need a refresher or are interested in learning more, this hands-on webinar will explore how you can empower purpose-driven coding with the UN SDGs and the Climate Action Kit. We’ll preview the resources and demonstrate how to use it to contextualize coding and physical computing in your classroom! In this webinar, participants will preview the online modules, the background behind it, and the extension packages available. Participants will then participate in the coding activity associated with the Plants and Pollinators module to code a bee counter application using a micro:bit.

Together, we will explore United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals 15 (Life on Land) and 13 (Climate Action) through interactive, inquiry-based learning activities as well as coding and physical computing. Our goal is to not only develop an understanding of issues surrounding Climate Action, but also help learners to understand how the technologically advanced world around them works. Learners will develop empathy as they deepen their understanding of land-based issues facing our agriculture, forests, plants and pollinators, and will apply this learning to create tangible solutions using the Climate Action Kit, micro:bit and digital literacy. 

All webinar participants will be given an opportunity to win a Climate Action Kit of their own! Instructions to enter will be given at the start of the webinar.

Why use the Climate Action Kit in your classroom?

Human life is dependent on the earth for our sustenance and livelihoods. Plants are an important source of food, agriculture is an important economic resource, forests are vital habitats for millions of species and an important source for clean air, water and in combating climate change. Through this program, students will develop a connection and understanding of the world and ecosystems they live in. They’ll learn to approach global problems relating to life on land with empathy and empowerment to make the world a better place for all.

Learning Goals:

  • Develop an understanding of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and issues related to life on land;
  • Be empowered to take action to improve their local communities;
  • Contextualize STEM and code with purpose;
  • Develop design thinking, digital literacy, and coding skills through inquiry and exploration.
Learning Outcomes:
  • Students will use design thinking and coding with the Climate Action Kit and micro:bit to create tangible solutions to authentic problems presented by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal: Life on Land.