Pre-order the micro:bit V2 with InkSmith!

KITCHENER - November 13, 2020 - To celebrate the one-month anniversary of the micro:bit V2’s announcement, InkSmith is thrilled to release our first batch for pre-order. Over the last month, we at InkSmith have been busy testing the new micro:bit - ok, playing with it - and preparing to provide it to our customers. Now the official coming of the micro:bit V2 is in sight, and we want to help you get yours first. 

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that has been developed to teach digital skills, computational thinking, and ignite curiosity and creativity in learners through coding. With five million micro:bits already in the hands of learners and users, the micro:bit has accelerated coding skills development and digital literacy in an increasingly technology-driven society. 

In addition to all the same great features, micro:bit V2 has:

  • A built-in microphone that adds the ability to sense and react to sound;
  • A built-in speaker to play sounds without requiring additional accessories and equipment;
  • A capacitive touch sensor that acts similar to the touch screen on your phone;
  • Power saving mode that allows the board to be powered-down with the batteries connected; and
  • More computing power so you can run AI and Machine Learning workloads.

These exciting upgrades enable even more creative and exciting things you can add to your micro:bit projects, and add even more opportunities for learning, exploration and creativity in classrooms.  

Pre-order your micro:bit V2 with InkSmith on our website today!