Coding for Climate Action with Kids Code Jeunesse

InkSmith Kids Code Jeunesse

InkSmith and Kids Code Jeunesse Partner to Integrate  Global Goals and Coding into Canadian Classrooms

InkSmith and Kids Code Jeunesse are joining forces to combine coding and climate change in education. The goal of this partnership is to make coding education more accessible to students across Canada while also giving them the chance to learn about the Global Goals and Climate Action opportunities. 

The InkSmith and KCJ partnership will combine coding with the Global Goals by introducing students and educators to the Climate Action Kit. The Climate Action Kit is a robotic inventor’s kit that empowers students to tackle climate change issues while also learning important digital skills. With the Climate Action Kit, students will work through a variety of experiential learning challenges to design and prototype a climate change solution using a small, micro-computer, called a micro:bit

Like Kids Code Jeunesse, InkSmith believes that providing teachers with meaningful curriculum and resources is not only the key to their success as educators but also the success of their students. Every Climate Action Kit includes access to online curriculum designed to assist educators in implementing the Global Goals through coding in the classroom. 

“The Kids Code Jeunesse team has made an incredible impact on making coding education accessible to kids across Canada with their micro:bit workshop programs. This partnership represents our joint commitment to meaningful coding and technology education to prepare students for the future” said InkSmith Founder and CEO, Jeremy Hedges. “For kids, learning coding in the context of Climate Action opportunities and the Global Goals gives the 'why' they need to be inspired to pursue careers in these fields” Hedges added.

This partnership comes at a time when the youth of today are demanding a change and are fighting for the future of our climate. InkSmith believes that the Climate Action Kits will empower these students to take action and realize the opportunity they have to make an impact. Giving students the chance to explore real-world problems in the classroom gives their work purpose. It shows them that their solutions are valid & they can have an impact.

“Children have a huge stake in the future of our planet but are left out of negotiations. In 2019, kids made it clear that they are ready to join this conversation. The Climate Action Kit gives children the tools to create environmentally conscious communities, and find solutions to our most pressing problems,” said Kate Arthur, Founder and CEO at Kids Code Jeunesse.

InkSmith and KCJ believe there is an opportunity to answer these calls for climate action while also giving students the digital skills they’ll need to survive in tomorrow’s economy. The first in the series of Climate Action Kits is the Land Kit, which focuses on climate change issues pertaining to Life on Land. Later this year InkSmith will be releasing the second and third kits in the Climate Action series focusing on Oceans and Green Energy. 

About InkSmith: InkSmith wants to help educators across the world build hands-on, experiential learning opportunities to introduce their students to STEAM competencies and design thinking principles. For us, it’s not about teaching technology, but rather teaching with technology. Our team is dedicated to creating meaningful solutions and resources to support both students and educators in the 21st-century classroom. 

About Kids Code Jeunesse: KCJ is a Canadian, bilingual charity determined to give every Canadian child access to digital skills education, with a focus on girls and underserved communities. We encourage inclusive and sustainable learning by teaching kids and the educators that play a crucial role in their development. We’re making sure our kids have the confidence and creative tools they need to build a better future.