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An Educator's Guide to Coding With a Purpose
Free Webinar Series

Available for FREE for educators across Canada through funding from the Government of Canada's CanCode 3.0 Grant.

Coding for Climate is a two-part webinar series exploring how to bring coding, climate change issues, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into the classroom in a purposeful, curriculum-connected way.

Participants receive a free Climate Action Kit and micro:bit to explore climate change issues through inquiry, coding, and project-based learning.

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Stay tuned for more dates coming Fall 2022 + sessions with the *new* Energy Climate Action Kit!

Want to be notified first when new webinar dates are available? Click here to join the waiting list.

Webinar content outline

The goal of the Coding for Climate webinar series to inspire and empower educators across Canada with creative and engaging ways to approach coding, climate change, and SDGs into the classroom.

Following the two-part webinar series, educators are encouraged to take their Climate Action Kit and micro:bit back to the classroom to implement their newfound knowledge.

Additional prizes are up for grabs for the successful completion of both webinar parts and implementation in the classroom.

Part A

Introduction to the Land Climate Action Kit Resources

Join us as we preview the Land Climate Action Kit curriculum and demonstrate how it will contextualize coding and physical computing with your classroom! In this webinar, participants will preview the online modules, the background behind it, and the extension packages available.

Participants will then participate in the coding activity associated with the Plants and Pollinators module to code a bee counter application using a micro:bit. Having a physical micro:bit will certainly be helpful, but if not no worries - you can still participate using the virtual simulator!

Part B

Advanced Agriculture and Coding and Physical Computing

In this second webinar, participants will create the coding project of the Advanced Agriculture module with the Land Climate Action Kits and micro:bit Go pack they received after completing the first webinar. In this webinar, participants will preview the online resources for this module to connect student learning to the coding project.

Participants will then apply physical computing and coding to turn on a water pump with a button. Participants can then extend upon this application to create an automated watering system by incorporating a moisture sensor so the pump will turn on when the moisture level of a plant is low.

About the Climate Action Kit

Developed with a Universal Design for Learning approach, the InkSmith Climate Action Kits have been created to support educators in embedding digital learning in their teaching so they can provide an interactive and engaging experience for their students in-class, remotely, or in a hybrid learning setting.

Through investigating climate change issues, through coding and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals lens, the Climate Action Kit will develop your students’ critical thinking, computational thinking, and coding skills, while building their empathy and character.

Our goal is to not only develop an understanding of issues surrounding Climate Action, but also help learners to understand how the technologically advanced world around them works. Learners will develop empathy as they deepen their understanding of land-based and/or energy-based issues facing our planet and will apply this learning to create tangible solutions using the Climate Action Kit, micro:bit and digital literacy.

Climate Action Kit
Land Kit

The Land Climate Action Kit is developed around Global Goal #15: Life on Land and focuses on how climate change affects the world around us. With the kit's included curriculum, you'll explore topics including deforestation, advanced agriculture, and plants & pollinators.

Then, using the kit's robotic components, you'll build and code a working prototype to combat one of the climate change issues you just learned about.

The goal of the Land Climate Action Kit is to educated students about climate change challenges and empower them with the digital coding and creative problem solving skills to solve them!

Climate Action Kit
Energy Kit


The Energy Climate Action Kit is developed around Global Goal #7: Affordable and Clean Energy and focuses on how renewable energy can be used to build a greener future! The kit's included curriculum explores the energy sources that are all around us such as wind and solar. The curriculum also includes a module around electric vehicles, how they're part of building a sustainable ecosystem, and the impacts of Co2 on our environment.

Using the robotic components in the Energy Climate Action kit, students will build and code their own working wind turbines, solar arrays, and electric vehicles!

Dates & How to Register

Please note, the 'Coding for Climate' webinar series is split into two sessions: Part A & Part B. You must register for both a Part A and a Part B session. You can mix and match the dates to fit your schedule.

Stay tuned for Fall & Winter 2022 sessions featuring the Energy Climate Action Kit.


● The webinar series will be hosted on Microsoft Teams (a link will be sent out after you register).

● After registering, educators must attend Part A of the webinar series and complete an exit survey in order to receive their free micro:bit and Climate Action Kit.

● Please bring your micro:bit and Climate Action Kit to the Part B sessions as we guide you through how to complete a physical computing project.

● The 'Coding for Climate' webinar series is limited to 175 attendees/session.

● Make sure you register early - it will sell out! More webinar dates will be released in Fall and Winter 2022.

● While educators from the United States are welcome to join the webinar series, this program is funded by a Canadian government grant which only permits sending free kits for use in schools in Canada. For US educators, InkSmith can offer a one-time only discount of 10% off the Climate Action Kit. Please contact Please note, the discount does not apply to the micro:bit which is sold separately.