eSun eVacuum Kit
eSun eVacuum Kit
eSun eVacuum Kit
eSun eVacuum Kit
eSun eVacuum Kit
eSun eVacuum Kit
eSun eVacuum Kit

eSun eVacuum Kit

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The eSun eVacuum Kit is an effective way to prevent humidity, moisture, and dust from negatively impacting your 3D printing filament during storage. 

Filament naturally absorbs moisture from the air over time, and the more humid the air is, the faster this happens. The older the filament, the more moisture it has absorbed.  This can result in unsuccessful prints (jams and poor bed adhesion), poorer quality prints (bubbling/warts, stringiness), and can eventually lead to unusable filament. Not only does this increase your costs over time, but it is also bad for the environment when you end up throwing out unusable filament spools.

The vacuum kit can be used together with the eBox Lite to achieve the best printing results for your filament. The kit has passed BPA-FREE and FDA certification, is made with food-grade materials, and is safe and environmentally-friendly. 

Kit Includes:

 Air pump x1 Size: 16.5x3.5x3.5cm

Weight: 50g

Material: ABS+ silicone

Air suction: ≥8L/min
Vacuum bag x10 Size: 30x34cm

Material: PA+PE, certified by BPA and FDA

Thickness: 0.085mm

Storage temperature: -20 to 85℃
Humidity indicator card x15 Environmentally friendly cobalt-free humidity indicator card, indicating range 10%~60%.

When the humidity in the environment around the humidity indicator card rises to a certain value, the corresponding indicator point on the indicator card will change from brown to light blue.

When the indicator point becomes gray (between brown and light blue), the value in the indicator point is the current ambient humidity.
Others: sealing clip x2, desiccant x15 Note: When the humidity reaches 50%, it is recommended to replace the desiccant.

Store in a dry, cool environment; avoid direct sunlight and water.

The humidity card can be reused after drying in an oven or hot air.


Product Advantages:

  1. The vacuum bag uses a double seal design and single-sided embossing treatment in order to achieve optimal sealing performance and moisture-proof capabilities.
  2. The vacuum bag is made of BPA-FREE and FDA-certified food-grade PE+PA composite material that is strong and durable, recyclable, as well as safe and environmentally friendly.
  3. The vacuum bag is specifically designed to be used with a range of different sizes of 3D printing filament such as 0.5KG/0.75KG/1KG rolls and 1.75mm/2.85mm/3mm filament. 
  4. The kit's included humidity card is highly sensitive and can be used repeatedly, so you can always know the condition of your filament. 

Product Features:

  • Double Seal Design: Moisture-proof and dust-proof to ensure the printing quality of filaments.
  • Humidity Indication Card: Indicates the conditions of filaments at any time.
  • Adaptable: Vacuum bag can be used with 0.5KG/0.75KG/1KG rolls and  1.75mm/2.85mm/3mm filaments.
  • Single side embossing treatment: Easily transformed. Save time and effort when pumping.
  • PE+PA composite material: Durable and recyclable. 
  • BPA-FREE and FDA certificated: Food grade. Safe and environmentally-friendly.

Instructions for use:

  1. Put the 3D filaments, humidity indicator card and desiccant into the vacuum bag
  2. Exhaust the air as much as possible by hand, and then seal the bag with a sealing clip
  3. Use the suction pump to aim at the air valve, draw out the gas, apply the valve once by hand, and flatten the plastic
  4. Store in a dry and cool environment


Product Demonstration Video

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