K8’s Upgrade Revealed

The k8 Robotics Kit is Back and Better Than Ever

Over the last several months, InkSmith has been quietly working to improve the k8 Robotics Kit to make learning STEM skills and knowledge even easier with k8. We’ve listened to your feedback and are now proud to share the upgraded k8 Robotics Kit.

Here’s what we’ve done:

  • Replaced the three infrared sensors with a singular, more powerful infrared sensor;
  • Updated the PCB board and cables;
  • Adapted the packaging so it can be reused as a storage container for the fully assembled k8; and
  • Updated the online learning resources to reflect updates to MakeCode, the micro:bit, and the unique learning environments we find ourselves in during the times of COVID.


All these upgrades have been done with the intent to better support and drive independent student learning. The k8 Robotics Kit has always been a great way to introduce learners to the world of robotics, and now it is even easier to build and start learning STEM with. 

With interactive online learning content in a format that is simple and easy to follow, students can explore coding and robotics comfortably at their own pace with the k8 Robotics Kit. The k8 Robotics Kit and accompanying scaffolded online lessons are especially geared towards supporting learning for students from grades 2 to 9. These student-facing lessons include simulating a rover mission on the moon, using the ultrasonic sensors as a bat’s echolocation navigation to avoid obstacles, and competing in a Robot Sports competition. 


As part of the k8 Robotics Kit’s transformation, we at InkSmith have relocated it’s assembly and part of it’s manufacturing (such as the PCB board) to here in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Made in Canada is a value and goal we continually work towards, and we’re proud to now consider the upgraded k8 Robotics Kit as a successful milestone of that journey. 

To purchase the upgraded k8 Robotics Kit online, visit inksmith.ca or contact us at sales@inksmith.ca for bulk orders.