3D Modelling COVID-19 Design Challenges

3D Modelling Challenge

With the shift to online learning, the InkSmith team understands that educators are finding new ways to engage and equip their virtual classrooms. In an effort to show our support to educators (and parents alike) as they develop lesson plans for an digital environment, we've created free learn-at-home curriculum for students to complete at home. These challenges are specifically designed for students to create solutions to conquer COVID-19 in their own communities using design thinking principles.

Below, you will find free downloads for challenges involving 3D Modelling that have been modified for students in grades 5-8 or 9-12, as well as teacher-facing guides to help you explain the design challenge effectively.

The goal of each lesson is to have students brainstorm ideas to solve a problem for a persona that's given and then create their solution using Tinkercad. Once students have created a prototype of their solution, they can take a screenshot or screen recording of their Tinkercad workpane for submission. For students that have a 3D printer at home, a photo or video of the physical prototype can also be submitted.

InkSmith believes that challenging students to create relevant real-world solutions is the best way to equip them with the critical thinking and digital skills they’ll need for our changing world!

Accessing Tinkercad 

Tinkercad is an extremely user-friendly 3D modelling program free to use for students and educators. To access Tinkercad, please visit www.tinkercad.com. You will need to create an account to use the platform. Our suggestion is for educators to create one account for the whole class and share the login information with students. Multiple students can be on the same Tinkercad account at the same time. More details on how to use Tinkercad for the classroom can be found in the design challenge package.


FREE Learn From Home Content: 3D Modelling Design Challenges

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