Orbit 3D Printer Flexbed

Orbit 3D Printer Flexbed

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The Orbit 3D Printer Flexbed provides a smooth surface for ample bed adhesion and easy print removal. The Orbit Flexbed eliminates the need for masking tape, glue, or other traditional methods for achieving bed adhesion when 3D printing. This replacement Flexbed is specifically designed for use with the InkSmith Orbit 3D Printer.

The Flexbed can be replaced on your Orbit 3D printer by gluing it in place on the printing plate with a white gluestick. It is recommended that you thoroughly wash and dry the printing plate before gluing on another Flexbed. Built-up layers of glue, or failure to secure the Flexbed in place may lead to print failures.

To remove a print from the Flexbed you can use a print removal tool or peel off the Flexbed to flex the print off of the surface. 

Specifications: 160mm x 158mm

How to Install Your Flexbed