Speciality High Skills Major (SHSM)

Sector Partner

Connect your students with professional industry experiences.

Offering relevant industry learning opportunities to Ontario SHSM Students.

As part of our commitment to furthering future-focused learning, we offer highly relevant and focused Sector Partner Experiences for SHSM programs in Ontario.

Fun and challenging
Immersive Experiences

SHSM SPEs must focus on coding, mathematical literacy, or Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship (I.C.E.). InkSmith SPEs focus on all of the above.

Our SPEs are currently offered in both an asynchronous and live virtual format, and may include an in-person option in the future.

What is SHSM?

The Specialist High Skills Major Program is an option for high school students in Ontario to earn credits while gaining exposure to various industries. Students focus on a specific economic sector and take program-specific courses in order to earn the SHSM seal on their diploma.

What is an SPE?

As part of the SHSM program, students must complete at least one Sector Partner Experience (SPE). SPEs are learning opportunities which are closely linked with the student's chosen sector in SHSM. SPEs can be delivered in different ways which suit the industry, skills, and students involved.

SHSM Sectors Covered:


Aviation and Aerospace




Food Processing


Health & Wellness

Horticulture & Landscaping

Information & Communications Technology

Justice, Community Safety, & Emergency Services




Goals & Outcomes of Sector Partner Experiences:

Learning Goals

Students will:

• Develop STEAM skills such as design thinking, computational thinking, coding, CAD drawing, and I.C.E. through inquiry and exploration.

• Be empowered to take action to solve problems they may come across in their future careers.

•Increase their understanding of how businesses operate.

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

• Learn about real-world industries through companies like InkSmith and The Canadian Shield.

• Apply design thinking, coding, mathematical literacy, or I.C.E skills to create solutions to real problems.

• Gain transferable skills such as critical thinking, reasoning, creative thinking, communication, and empathetic thinking.

Our SPEs start at $40 per student.

Cost depends on sector, method of delivery, and number of students.

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