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Our popular SHSM SPE program is now online


As part of our commitment to education, we have adapted our popular SPE workshop to an online, interactive and self-paced program that’s accessible for every student - without compromising the learning experience.


• I.C.E, coding and math

• Real-world challenge-based learning

• Self-paced online learning

• Starting at $40 per student

Learning Goals

Students will:
• Develop STEAM skills such as design thinking, computational thinking, coding, CAD drawing, or innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship (ICE) skills through inquiry and exploration.

• Be empowered to take action to solve problems they may come across in their future careers

•Increase their understanding of how businesses operate

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

• Apply design thinking as well as either coding, math or I.C.E skills to create solutions to real problems presented by employees at InkSmith and The Canadian Shield.

• Gain transferable skills such as critical thinking, reasoning, creative thinking, communication, and empathetic thinking.


• Business
• Health & Wellness
• Information & Communication Technology

• Manufacturing
• Non-Profit
• Transportation

...with more coming soon!

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