Speciality High Skills Major (SHSM)

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Connect your students with professional industry experiences.

Offering relevant industry learning opportunities to Ontario SHSM Students.

As part of our commitment to furthering future-focused learning, we offer highly relevant and focused Sector Partner Experiences for SHSM programs in Ontario.

Fun and challenging
Immersive Experiences

SHSM SPEs must focus on coding, mathematical literacy, or Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship (I.C.E.). InkSmith SPEs focus on all of the above.

Our SPEs are currently offered in an in-person workshop format.

SPE Workshop Journey

Students will be presented with a user persona related to their SHSM sector and then challenged to design, build, and code a prototype solution using a micro:bit and the Design Thinking framework to address that persona’s challenge.

Step 1

After meeting their persona, students will empathize and define the challenges they face to determine the core problem they’ll be solving for.

Step 2

Following the Design Thinking framework, students will brainstorm potential solutions that addresses their persona’s challenge.

Step 3

As a group, students will work to design, code, and build a working model of their solution using a micro:bit and prototyping materials supplied by InkSmith.

Step 4

Using the Business Model Canvas structure, students will develop a business case for their solution.

Step 5

Lastly, students will present their solution - explaining each stage of the Design Thinking process, how they came up with the final solution as well as their Business Model Canvas outline.

The Outcome

SHSM students will fulfill their SPE component requirements through our learning program and receive training in Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship (I.C.E.), contextualized coding, and math literacy.

SHSM Sectors Covered

InkSmith's unique SPE format allows us to tailor our workshops to align with specific industry sectors. Before running an SPE session, our team will cater the personas and topics of the workshop to best fit the sectors of the students who will be in attendance.


Aviation and Aerospace




Food Processing


Health & Wellness

Horticulture & Landscaping

Information & Communication Technology

Justice, Community Safety, & Emergency Services




Why Choose InkSmith for your SHSM SPE?

Tangible Skills

With InkSmith's SPE workshop, students will develop tangible digital skills through block-based coding and robotics programming. They'll also develop the critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity skills through group-based design challenges.


The unique model of InkSmith's SPE workshop provides each and every student the opportunity to get hands-on and contribute to the group's solution. The multi-faceted outcome of the workshop relies on each group member being fully engaged to assist in the development of the code program, physical prototype, business model canvas, and solution presentation.

Real-Life Frameworks

InkSmith's SPE workshop is based off of the stages in the Design Thinking framework - a real-life process that's used by organizations all around the world. This framework is incredibly versatile and can help prepare students to think critically and solve problems in all areas of their life and future careers.

To round out their SPE workshop, students will also utilize the Business Model Canvas to outline their potential customers, sales channels, revenue structure, and other aspects of the business case for their newly created solution.

What is SHSM?

The Specialist High Skills Major Program is an option for high school students in Ontario to earn credits while gaining exposure to various industries. Students focus on a specific economic sector and take program-specific courses in order to earn the SHSM seal on their diploma.

What is an SPE?

As part of the SHSM program, students must complete at least one Sector Partner Experience (SPE). SPEs are learning opportunities which are closely linked with the student's chosen sector in SHSM. SPEs can be delivered in different ways which suit the industry, skills, and students involved.

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