General FAQ's

Yes, InkSmith offers 3D printing as a service, BUT only through the Hubs platform. Hubs is an online platform for sourcing 3D printing service providers. If you have something you want 3D printed, please visit Hubs website. InkSmith provides 3D printing services for the Kitchener, ON area. Please note, selecting Kitchener as the service location DOES NOT guarantee InkSmith will be selected as your 3D printing service provider.

All InkSmith curriculum can be found online through our Teachable platform. Please visit If you do not know the coupon code required for some curriculum packages, please contact the InkSmith team

Yes! InkSmith offers demonstrations for all products. Please note that product demonstrations may be limited to specific geographical regions. Please contact InkSmith for more information or to arrange a product demo. 

InkSmith offers technical support for all of our products. Please visit the Contact Support page to submit a support ticket. 

3D Printers

If you're having issues with your 3D printer, please refer to the commonly asked questions below. For further assistance, please contact our technical support team at

One of the most common issues with 3D printers is the nozzle becoming clogged. This causes poor filament extrusion or no extrusion at all. This issue has likely occurred because of improper temperature settings. Unclogging your printer should be a fairly simple process:

For a more detailed walkthrough, please refer to our 3D printer unboxing videos on our Tutorial page.

If your print is not sticking to the print bed, it is likely due to a temperature error. Double check that the correct temperature settings have been inputted for the type of filament you are using.


If you're having issues with your robot or micro:bit, please refer to the commonly asked questions below. For further assistance please contact our technical support team at

Sometimes if a component is wired incorrectly, or backwards, your robot may fail to function as expected. Double check that all of the wires and components have been wired correctly. If you're still having trouble getting a certain component to function, contact our tech support team to receive a replacement part. 

Yes! The BBC micro:bit acts as the brain of the k8 robot. Without a micro:bit the k8 robot will not know what functions to perform!


 For shipping related questions not covered in the FAQ's below, please contact InkSmith.

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Delivery and installation of InkSmith products, including 3D printers and laser cutters, is available at an additional cost. To inquire about delivery and installation please contact the InkSmith team

Yes! If you are located in the Waterloo Region area, you are more than welcome to pick up your order at our office. When placing your order please select "Local Pick-Up" as your shipping method. The InkSmith address and office hours can be found here.