Classroom Virtual Reality Kit - $2,099.99

Standalone Headset

Classroom Management

Curriculum Content

VR Headset Features

Take learning to a new dimension. Students can design and code their own experiences, using virtual reality headsets to dive into the future of learning.

∙ Standalone headsets are classroom ready

∙ Easy-to-use central headset management 

∙ Durable and mobile charging case included

∙ Access to engaging content and lesson plans

∙ Access to content & activities in the ClassVR Education portal (subscription required).

Central Headset Management

Broadcast & Control

It's your classroom. You're in control. Decide what your students see, and when they see it. 

ClassVR lets you instantly broadcast VR/AR content to your entire class from the Central Headset Management System. 


Mobile Charging Case

The mobile charging and carrying case allows your Virtual Reality Kit to easily be shared between classrooms or even schools.


Curriculum Content

Explore ClassVR's massive library of 360˚ VR video content, lesson plans, and activities. Simply download content to your headset through WIFI (Subscription required).

Preview Curriculum

Why Use VR in Education?

ClassVR is a complete VR and AR system for the classroom. It provides an engaging, immersive experience for students of all ages, and allows them to view and understand subjects and topics through personal experience.

The immersion and engagement students gain from VR dramatically increases their ability to understand and retain information. The key benefits of VR and AR in the classroom are:

​- Improved outcomes through increased engagement

- Better knowledge retention through personal experience


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What's Included

Secure Charging & Storage

Classroom Management

Subscription Required

Curriculum Content

Included with subscription

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