Welcome To The InkSmith Resource Hub!

Welcome to InkSmith's new Resource Hub! 

Our goal is to make this hub a place where educators across the globe can come to engage, learn, and communicate with one another. We'll be posting resources like articles, podcasts, and videos that we think may be interesting to our audience. Our hope is that educators will find this a valuable part of their personal and professional journey as life long learners. 

Why Did We Create The Resource Hub?

Ever heard of the Metaverse? Your students have. These days, technology and society are moving unbelievably fast - and we're not sure how educators are supposed to keep up. We've been working to help educators become comfortable teaching skills like coding, which will be crucial for the future of our world.

The Resource Hub is where we'll curate information that we think may be helpful, inspiring, or educational. The resources we share will help our audience stay up to date with what's happening in education, technology, and other industries that today's students will one day be expected to lead. 

What You'll Find On The Hub:

We'll be curating a library of engaging, future-focused content that we believe will be of value to educators. We'll also be on the lookout for articles, videos, podcasts, and other content that is inspiring, engaging, and informational - so feel free to share!

What The Resource Hub Is:

First and foremost, the Resource Hub is a virtual space for educators to learn, engage, and share knowledge. You'll be able to:

  • Share your resources and the wealth of knowledge you've built over your career.
  • Learn and share with others who care about education and want to engage in lifelong learning. 
  • Engage in dialogue and discourse with fellow experienced educators.

What The Resource Hub Isn't:

  • A place to get political, vent frustrations, or be negative. (Head over to twitter.com if you'd like to engage in these activities!)

We hope you'll join us in learning, engaging, and sharing your own resources with others in the network. 

Happy learning!

- The InkSmith Team

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